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Are you Pretty Nerdy ?  You've come to the right place if you are an outstanding female student and want to spread the word that it's cool when girls excel in math and science.  You can make it "popular" to be the "top" student.  You can make it "popular" to love math!  You can make it "popular" to enjoy science and chemistry!  It's all up to you.  Are you ready for the challenge?  You can make it "popular" to be Pretty Nerdy.  Shop in our online store and spread the word.

                                                        This Month's Career Spotlight


Software Engineer/Apps Software Developer

If you've noticed that the majority of video games and apps for your computer and mobile devices are geared toward boys, you're very observant.  Males still outnumber females in computer science and engineering, so it's no surprise that the gaming and apps market appears to favor males.   If you have an interest in designing and constructing applications for computers and mobile devices, think about pursuing computer science and engineering.  You'll work 50+ hours a week.  Starting salary is around $50,000, with an income potential in excess of $100,000.  You'll need to take courses in computer science, engineering and physics.  Graduate degrees are preferred for more complex jobs.  It's time girls have more choices when choosing their favorite game to play!

       1.  Females now outnumber males in college BUT not in math and science fields of study
       2.  Males far outnumber females in engineering, physics, technology, and some specialties in medicine
       3.  Starting salaries with a bachelor's degree in engineering, physics and technology are two to three times that of a 
            starting salary in a "female" oriented field
       4.  Only 10% of U.S. surgeons are female (surgeons can earn over $300,000 per year while primary care physicians  earn
*data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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