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The Pretty Nerdy Story

So you might be wondering how the idea of Pretty Nerdy developed...

    As a middle school math teacher, I would watch very bright and talented young ladies enter 6th grade performing at the same level as their male peers but begin to fall behind as they progressed through the grade levels.  The female students would get caught up in the drama and popularity contests that begin in middle school and follow them through high school.  The girls would lose focus and get distracted.  With the help of my teenage daughter, Pretty Nerdy was born.
    We have worked together to create a brand and a message that we hope will spread across the country.  There is simply no reason why girls can't maintain their level of excellence and excel in math and science.  There are so many more opportunities when a female has a strong foundation in these fields of study.  Science and Technology are the areas where all of the new, exciting and lucrative jobs will be.  We have to show girls that it's much "cooler" to be smart than it is to be average. 
    Our ultimate goal is to be able to one day provide college scholarships to females who pursue a degree in a math or science related field of study.  

                                         It's cool to be Pretty Nerdy
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